Welcome to EziDrops

EziDrops Eye Applicator is an amazingly simple device, and is incredibly effective. The idea came from having to use eyedrops, and continuing to have great difficulties and frustrations putting drops in easily!

The idea was taken further on to prototyping and refining the product.  I took the applicator out to market-test it.  After receiving positive comments from many professionals that EziDrops for Eyes was incredibly “Ezi” and simple to use, I pushed ahead confidently.  The EziDrops Eye Applicator was born!

Inspired by the success of the EziDrops Eye Applicator, I set about designing an Applicator for Ear Drops, due to having a lot of difficulty trying to administer ear drops to my 10-year-old son.  I set about investigating the inner workings of the ear and why it was so difficult for drops to go into the ears and travel smoothly into the ear canal itself.  EziDrops for Ears was the result.  EziDrops Ear Applicator is so simple to use that it allows users to self-administer ear drops.  EziDrops for Ears will be available soon; please register your interest via the Enquire Page

“EziDrops” is a registered Trademark. The device is currently patent pending internationally.

I hope you find using EziDrops as Ezi as I do! If you have any trouble, after watching the Instruction Animation Video from the home page, please contact me and I can guide you further.